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Elly Mat is made from polyester fabric and polyester fill. Individually hand-crafted, it is colorful, fun, cute, and comes with a brass bell attached to the tail.

  • Elly mat measures at 16" length by 12.75" in wide

  • They come in 4 colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red

  • ISO order consists of 4 mats, one of each color

  • Refill order : no minimum

Features of the Elly mat for cat:

  • Catnip infused using USA grown organic catnip.

  • Built-in pouch to refill catnip.

  • Includes a package of USA grown, organic catnip.

  • Individually hand-crafted, they are adorable and durable.

  • With a brass bell attached the elephant's tail for hours of extra fun!

Elly mat is sold at an MSRP of $14.99 and above.

All partners/retailers agree to sell Elly mats at MAP pricing of $14.99 or above.

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