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The minimum advertised price for the Haight Ashberry dog harnesses is $13.39 for small size, $17.49 for medium and $23.49 for large.

For more detailed information on the sizing and prices refer to the diagram above.

Haight Ashberry Dog Harnesses are available in 3 sizes and include the following:

  • Adjustable straps along the belly and shoulders ensure the best fit for your dog.

  • Color themes include: Huckleberry, Salmonberry, and Blueberry.

  • Each harness is equipped with sturdy metal D-rings for a secure leash connection.

Woven out of remnant yarn from the fabric industry, each batch of Haight Ashberry Harnesses is unique but within the three color themes.

  • Metal hardware is iron, with chrome plating

All partners/retailers agree to sell Haight Ashberry dog harnesses within the  SRP guidelines for ( see above chart ) each of the respective sizes.

harness SRP                      $13.39 - $13.99             $17.49 - $17.99         $23.49 -$ 23.99

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