• BellaLuna Collars are available in 3 beautiful bright and bold colors: Green, Orange and Blue.

    The collar features a glow in the dark stripe as well as reflective stiching woven into the nylon webbing. The glow in the dark effect works best by exposing the collar to direct sun light or bright, indoor white light.

    The collars are available in 4 sizes: extra-small, small, medium and large.

    Size range and pricing

    • Extra-small dog collar - 7" to 11". Webbing width is 3/8". $4.15 each, MAP $8.35
    • Small dog collar - 8" to 12". Webbing width is 5/8". $5.30 each, MAP $10.65.
    • Medium dog collar - 10.5" to 16.5". Webbing width is 5/8". $6.30 each, MAP $12.65
    • Large dog collar - 13.5" to 21.5". Webbing width is 1". $7.85 each, MAP $ 15.65

    Small, Medium & Large size collar buckles have a sliding locking device to help prevent accidental opening.

    Metal hardware is iron, chrome plating.

    All partners/retailers must sell BellaLuna Glow-In-Dark and Reflective dog collars at MAP pricing or above.

    BellaLuna Glow-In-Dark Dog Collars $4.15 to $7.80