• The Haight Ashberry dog collars are woven out of remnant yarn from the fabric industry.

    Each batch will be slightly different but within the color themes. 

    They are available in three beautiful color themes: huckleberry, salmonberry and blueberry.

    The collars are available in 4 sizes: extra-small, small, medium and large.

    Size range for Extra-small dog collar is 7.25" to 11".

    The width of the webbing is 3/8".

    Each XS collar’s buckle has no locking device, except for the XS collars. 

    Metal hardware is iron, chrome plating.

    All partners/retailers must sell Haight Ashberry dog Extra small collars at MAP pricing of $6.75 

    Haight Ashberry Re-purposed Dog collars - Extra Small


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