• Pina-Catlada cat toys are made of polypropylene strapping & feathers and are hand-crafted into the shape of a pineapple. Each toy contains a bell and is packed with 2 teabags of a catnip & silvervine mix which can be inserted into the toy for extra fun.

    They come in 3 colors: Red with Yellow Feathers

                                                   Yellow with Green Feathers

                                                   Green with Orange Feathers

    Each toy is about 7" in height  and 2" in diameter. 

    Wholesale cost at $4.45 each, with a suggested retail price at $8.99.

    Refill 3 piece set in an assortment of colors at $13.35

    All partners/retailers agree to sell Pina-Catlada at a MAP pricing of $8.99 or above.

    Hand-crafted in Taiwan.

    Pina-Catlada refill: 3 pc set