Spurli Whirli is a Twist and Spin cat toy you can interact and play your cat. The standard refill set is 8 pieces assorted. These cat toys are made with colorful and tough cotton mixed fabric.  They are infused with organic catnip oil, derived from USA  grown organic catnip. Each toy contain bells inside to make rattle sound for extra fun!

They come in 4 colors: red, purple, blue and green. Made in Thailand, they are individual hand-crafted. Each toys measures 2.5" in length and 1" in height.

Each toy wholesale at $2.50, MSRP at $4.99.  Minimum re-order: standard refill set 8 ( 2 pieces each color ).  MAP pricing at $4.99 or above

Spurli Whirli refill: 8 pc set