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  • Spurli Whirli cat toys are made with colorful and cotton mixed fabric.

  • They are infused with catnip oil, derived from USA grown organic catnip.

  • They come in 4 colors: red, purple, blue and green.

  • Each Spurli Whirli cat toy contains bells that make a rattle sound for extra fun for the kitties.

  • Made in Thailand, each toy is individually hand-crafted.

  • Each toy measures 2.5" in length and 1" in height.

  • The Spurli Whirli wholesale at $2.50, MSRP at $4.99.

  • ISO order: $60, consists of 24 toys and a free counter top display.

  • One free display per store location only.

  • Minimum re-order: standard refill 8 piece set ( 2 pieces each color )

  • All partners/retailers agree to sell Spurli Whirli at MAP pricing of $5 or above.

Features of Spurli Whirli catnip infused toys:

  • Individual hand-crafted and Catnip infused using USA organic catnip.

  • Interactive toy you can play with your cat.

  • Each toy contains bells and made from a tough beautiful crafted cotton mixed fabric.

All partners/retailers agree to sell Spurli Whirli cat toy at its MAP pricing or higher, stated above.

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