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Products > For Cats > Cat Toys > Catomic Ball

Catomic Balls are hand-crafted from polyester fiber and contain a large bell inside for stimulating sounds your cat will love!

  • Catomic balls measure at 1.5" in diameter

  • Catnip infused, colorful, durable, soft and fun for cats

  • Potent, long lasting catnip scent that is irresistible to your cat!

  • Each ball is hand-crafted using colorful polyester fiber

  • ISO order consists of 36 toys and a free counter top display

  • Refill Order consists of 12 Catomic Balls

Catomic ball is sold at an MSRP of $3.29 each

All partners/retailers agree to sell Catomic balls at MAP pricing of $3.29 or above.

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