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Goli Design LLC is a small product development, manufacturing and distribution company based in Portland, Oregon. Established in 2011, the company strives to work with those living in impoverished developing countries to provide alternative forms of income to villages. This is achieved through providing projects to those communities in order to produce socially responsible and environmentally friendly products through fair trade.  This has become part of our mission: To work with people in developing countries, (especially women and families) and help them to improve their standard of living.  So, by purchasing our products, you are indirectly helping the community we are working with. 

For one project, we worked with the villagers in Tonlé Sap Lake in Siem Reap, Cambodia to produce Water Hyacinth pet baskets*. The funding obtained from this distribution also helps to build water pumps in remote villages across Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Currently, about 90% of our cat toys are hand crafted by women from developing countries. When Symon first met them, they were working as street vendors selling small items. Over the years of working with them, we have seen their financial situation gradually improve.  Now, not only are they able to stay at home to take care of young children or elderly family, they are also able to make enough to support themselves and their families. Some have even begun to hire others to help make cat toys for Goli Design.

Goli Design imports goods from South East Asia, and finishes many of the products in the US. Product displays and pet bedding are manufactured locally as well.
We focus the distribution of our pet products to various independent retailers across the US. Currently we don't distribute to big box pet stores, Amazon or and do not plan to do so in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, product lines, distribution, or retail locations, please contact us at
We are more than happy to help.

*Please note that Goli Design Water Hyacinth Pet Basket is temporary unavailable.


Thank you for your support!





















** Above, a Cambodian woman weaves water hyacinth into a pet basket for Goli Design.

** Below, the invasive water hyacinth overruns waterways and blocks passage

group of women making cat toys..jpg

 **  A community of women gather to make cat toys for your kitties. 


sewing cat toy.jpg

**  A woman hand sewing cat toys for Goli Design.


Symon on a boat_edited.jpg

** left, Goli Design water hyacinth cat

basket. Mat insert made in USA.


-- The founder of Goli Design, Symon Lee, is originally from Singapore and has been living in the United States for more then 30 years. Currently he lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Symon has a B.A. degree in Product Design. He worked as Product Designer for various design consulting firms for 11 years . After that he owned a pet supply and boutique in Portland for 15 years.  Symon  started Goli Design in 2011. His mission for Goli Design is to expand its product lines, and distribution, so as to increase our capacity to provide resources for communities of devloping countries like Cambodia and Thailand.

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