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Crink-a-fish & Tenggo squid sell sheet f
  • Crink-a-fish & Tenggo squid are made with colorful cotton mixed fabric.

  • They are infused with catnip oil, derived from USA grown organic catnip.

  • Crink-a-fish contains bells inside that make rattle sound, with a mylar tail for more excitment.

  • Tenggo squid also contains bells that make rattle sound with fleece tentacles for extra fun. 

  • Made in SE Asia, each toy is individually hand-crafted and sold seperately

  • Crink-a-fish measures 6" in length and 2.25" in height, come in an assortment of colors.

  • Tenggo squid measure 12" in length and 2" in height, also come in an assortment of colors

Features of Crinka-a-fish and Tenggo squid catnip infused toys:

  • Catnip infused using USA grown organic catnip.

  • Hand-crafted, they have big eyes that make them cute, adorable, contains bells and made from an cotton mixed fabric.

  • Crink-a-fish has mylar tail which make crinkle sounds when cat play with it and Tenggo squid has long fleece tentacles that provide extra fun for your kitty.

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